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  1. 在庫の減少の原因は?
  2. なぜ出荷計画に間に合わないのか。
  3. バックログが増え続けています。根本的な原因は?
  4. 今の在庫量は安全?
  5. 毎月計画に大きな変動が見受けられますが、気にするべきでしょうか。
  • 統合されたプラットフォームがどのようにS&OPプロセスを合理化するか

  • シナリオをどのように計画し、分析、必要なアクションを定義するか

  • 正確な予測を得ることとは

  • インサイトを得るダッシュボードを構築し、予実分析を実装


Thank you for visiting our website. In this webinar, let us learn what to look for in the numbers to get the whole picture, what your plan of action should be, and  
whether you need to consider course changes.

Do you know what is your data really telling you?

Now that your data is in your Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) system, you can work more collaboratively to execute successfully. But interpreting all the
numbers in front of you in preparation for the S&OP meeting can be daunting.

Tune in to our on-demand webinar in partnership with Keansa to find out how you can turn your numbers into action.
Questions like the following will surface:

  • What is causing my large inventory fluctuations?
  • Why do I continuously miss the shipment plan?
  • My backlog is continuously growing. What is the root cause?
  • Is my safety stock at the right level?
  • I see large changes in plans from month to month. Should I be concerned?

What will you learn:

  • How a unified platform helps in streamlining S&OP processes

  • How to plan and analyze scenarios and identify required actions

  • How to gain more accurate forecasts

  • How to build insightful dashboards to keep track of actuals vs plan and forecast

I appreciate your time and your attention on this matter!
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